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At Artists in Motion Performing Arts we offer a variety of classes for all levels and all ages.

Dance With Me (18 Months – 3 Year Olds) – More Information

30 minute class which includes creative movement, tumbling, listening & motor skill development, learning to take turns,following directions & interacting with new friends.

All By Myself (3 Years Olds) – More Information

​Get ready to discover dance in a fun and unique way! This is the perfect class for a young dancer. We use basic movement to evolve the motorskills needed for fundamental dance instruction.

Intro to Hip Hop & Jazz (3 – 5 Years Old) – More Information

Join us for an up beat & entertaining class where we will work on isolations, flexibility, sense of rhythm and overall coordination, all while dancing to age appropriate popular music.

Tiny Tumblers (3 – 5 Years Old) – More Information

An introduction to acro class.

Combo 1 – Pre-Ballet, Tap & Tumbling (4 – 5 Years Old)  – More Information

We offer a one hour combination class of pre-ballet technique & classical tap styles.

Combo 2 – Ballet, Tap & Pre-Jazz (5 – 7 Years Old) –More Information

This class continues our education in ballet, which is the foundation of all dance forms. While in tap, students will work on their speed and clarity. It is in this class that we introduce a high energy, fast moving, pre-jazz technique.

Combo 3 – Ballet, Tap & Jazz (7 – 8 Years Old) –More Information

In Combo 3, students spend 1 hour studying ballet terminology, the correct body alignment & developing a “classical look”. The tap portion of class, has dancers creating exciting rhythmic patterns with their feet while developing a sense of musicality.

Broadway Babies (5 – 7 Years Old) –More Information

Students will focus on technique, story telling, fine motor skills and developing performance skills.

Creative Acting (5 – 7 Years Old) –More Information

In this class students will explore acting using exercises, theatre games and improvisation to develop their acting skills.

Acting – More Information

Students will learn to create characters, open their imagination, and explore stage emotions through acting theories and techniques.

Acro – Beginner, 1, 2, 3 & 4 (8 Years and Older) – More Information

Developing strength, balance & flexibility while learning basic to advanced gymnastic skills.

Musical Theatre 1, 2, 3 & 4 (8 Years and Older) – More Information

A fun class which incorporates acting, singing, and pantomime into dance performance.

Pre-Pointe (Approval) – More Information

Students will work to strengthen the appropriate muscles in the legs, feet, back and abdominals to prepare students anatomically for work on pointe.

Beginner Pointe (Approval) – More Information

Exercises en pointe will begin at the barre for safety and stability. Students will progress to exercises inthe centre to practice their balance and increase their strength.​

Intermediate Pointe (12 & Up and with Approval) – More Information

Intermediate pointe will include exercises at the barre and in center. Focus will be on building stamina, improving strength, developing skills and executing more difficult movements.

Advanced Pointe (12 & Up and with Approval) – More Information

This is a technique only class. This class explores the upper level of ballet technique, known as pointe work.

Tap 1, 2, 3/4 (8 Years and Older)More Information

​Students are taught rhythms, timing and leg/foot coordination doneto various types of music.

Jazz 1, 2, 3 & 4 (8 Years and Older)More Information

Jazz is a combination of sharp and fluid movement that creates a technical dance style.

Lyrical/Contemporary 1, 2, 3 & 4 (8 Years and Older)More Information

Lyrical dance is a fusion of both ballet & jazz styles.

Hip Hop Beginner, 1, 2, 3 & 4 (8 Years and Older)More Information

In Hip Hop we will be discovering the type of dance seen in music videos with your favorite celebrities!

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